Sunday, 30 August 2009

Poem Rendition 1: cue D

Poem Rendition 1: cue D

At the start of the week we were set a target,
To sail south around Wales in the beautiful Scarlet.

We departed from Holyhead just after midnight,
The waves so big, they gave us a fright!

It was a starry starry night that night we set sail,
With Simon relaying the peanut shark tale!

Abersoch was our next port of call,
Fun, games and laughter was had by all.

We went to the beach, to play in the sun,
We were happy, but exhausted, when the day was done.

There was an auction, raffle and dancing galore,
Money raised for the Trust grew more and more.

It was on the boat that we tried to behave,
But "While Paul was up", he became Vicky's slave!

We ate granola bars 'til they came out of our ears,
Paul [I] was so funny that he [I] had us in tears!

From Pwllheli we set sail at 10 o'clock,
Excited about our journey to Cardiff lock.

Somehow, Ben managed to sleep the whole way through,
And the boys forgot potatoes in the Irish stew!

After 'hurricane Scarlet', the sun finally came out,
A 'rather tidy' trip without a doubt!

Thirty-three hours down the line,
We arrived in Cardiff, just in time!

We were so lucky to have such a great crew,
Cath, Karen and Jo were the best... it's true!

Skipper Cath led the voyage al the way 'round,
She always had a smile, never a frown.

Karen had a giggle during our sing-a-long,
And showed great patience as we ruined each song!

Jo was a scouser, which meant there was two,
A lot to put up with, for the rest of the crew!

So a great big thank you to our wonderful crew,
It wouldn't've been half as fun, if we didn't have you! [24/08/09 13:00]

by the crew of leg 14- Paul, Vicky, Rob, Ben & Ross

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