Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wind, waves andlots of laughter (and hopsitality)

LEG 14 has got to be the best one i have done on this voyage, the crew Im with are fantastic, but most of all the activities are immense riding on the Dart 16 around Abersoch was great fun with dear old vicky lol.
the the party cannot forget that one, the meal was just out of this world, salmon and prawn cocktail was not my cup of tea but the main meal was braised beef in red wine sauce with gravy baby potatoes and vegetables, how lush was that, shame we could not have seconds, the the best bit the apple and treacle tart yum yum.
the games we played was funny heads and tails.
the auction was great made loads of money.
then we had to sail from phwelli to cardiff and wow what a journey was asleep all the way mostly 33hrs which was suprising.
now were in sunny cardiff, cardiff yeah but wouldn't say sunny lol.

cya lata .benjamin james murphy

leg 14 this is my one and only leg on this once in a lifetime trip round britain leg 14 is the Holyhead to Cardiff leg it has been fantastic me and another lad from torquay called ben were the last to arrive on the boat after a long days travel and had to set sail literally straight away we sailed through the night from holyhead to Pwllheli were we spent the next two days there having a absolute blast kayaking and messing around in the darts as well as attending a SCYC party as the guests of honour which was a great night before we had to go get some sleep ready for the next part of the trip where we sailed a agonising but amazing 32 hour straight sail through to cardiff and thats where we are now getting ready for the remaining time on scarlet oyster getting her ready to go again for leg 15 where some more amazingly lucky people will get the chance to take part in the round britain trip

speak to you soon ross mcguinness

Hello everyone, Paul here. I'm just sitting here after cooking breakfast thinking about what an amazing trip I have had! Leg 14 from Holyhead to Cardiff has been unbelievable. The sailing, the crew, the people we've met along the way and the sights we have saw are truly unforgettable. It's just been magnificent. It all started brilliantly in Holyhead where we left a very generous Marina Club to set sail at midnight. As it was the first time I have ever sailed I was a little bit nervous to say the least, but this just turned into pure excitement as we were bouncing out of the marina sailing over huge waves, and all having a great time. I didn't this could be topped but everything just seems to get better and better, we've had another great sail from Pwlleli to our finish point, and the hospitality we were shown at Abersoch was amazing, so thank you guys! A big THANK YOU of course to EMT as without the trust, none of us would have had this magnificent experience. We now have to crack on with the making of our movie which will document the leg, but for now....over and out! Much love

Hey Robert here me and paul have just made breakfast and we have had an amazing trip with all the new people we have meet on the way from Holyhead 2 cardiff we arrived in Holyhead on friday and we meet the crew and the others people and we all got 2 know each other and that night we set sail for Abersoch about 12:30 am and we got in about 7:00 am and we had about 2 hours sleep and the we sailed 2 Pwllheli and we spent 2 days there and on that day we had fun on the beach and that night we had a three course meal for starter we had seafood on a clam shell and then we had beef in a red wine sauce and for afters we had apple and treacle tart and and all the people we meet were really nice and on sunday we had a day 2 relax and in the evening we went bowling and on monday we set sail for cardiff we left Pwllheli about 10:30 am and we got in 2 cardiff about 19:00 pm and we had a good sleep and now we r making a movie about our trip and then we r having a party and bbq and on the last day we r going 2 have a talk at the hospital about the trust and that will be the end of our trip
sining off Robert Sharland.

Jo from EMT Here, just had a great few days sailing with the crew on Scarlet - it has been fantastic to take part in a leg of Round Britain and to get to see first hand the fruits of everyones hard work over the last 12 months. The crew have been fantastic - lots of laughter despite the rain and waves (mostly during my watch!) there have been many funny moments and memories which are all currently being re-enacted and recorded for the leg 14 video - we get to throw buckets of water over the whole crew!!! so watch this space for the link to you tube! The reception we had in Holyhead and Abersoch was amazing to know that the Trust has supporters all around the country is fantastic and the amount of time and effort everyone has put in to make us feel welcome and special has really added to everyones experience. Everyones Welsh has been coming along in leaps and bounds ready for our Skandia reception at 1600 today. Looking forward to the welcome home party on the 12th in Cowes hopefully see you all there xx

A rather wet day here in Cardiff after a lovely sunny day for our arrival into Cardiff Bay. It's been an excellent week with a lot of sailing for the crew - albeit in 2 hops but a lot of miles covered in those 2 hops. There has been great laughter along with a lot of rain and waves, and sitting off lighthouses for hours on end trying to beat into tide - which isn't a great idea around headlands but I guess that is one of those things when you are sailing along the coast for over 24 hours. Jo and I took great delight in helping the crew out with their video this afternoon - in the rain they wanted us to throw buckets of water at them along with dousing them with water from the hose - this was something we couldn't refuse - it's all in the video. We've had such wonderful hospitality along this Welsh coastline - the welcome, dinner and auction in Holyhead, the amazing day we spent in Abersoch with the SCYC at their annual keelboat dinner and out welcome into Cardiff today at the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club - thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. It's been an excellent leg, can't believe there are only two more to come - sad and excited that the welcome home party is so close - it will be an emotional time me think!! Look forward to seeing many of you there Karen out x [26/08/09 17:00]

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