Monday, 10 August 2009

Isle of (wo)Man

Can’t believe we’re already in the Isle of Man more than half way through Leg 12!! Had an excellent stopover in Belfast, arrival up to the Odyssey last Sunday was amazing with the tug boat spraying water behind us and all family, friends and the Lady Mayor waiting to greet us at the pontoon - was quite an emotional arrival - given that it is my home port and mum and dad were there to wave us in. Managed to catch up with good friends too while at home and of course home cooking - stuffed pork fillet on Sunday, my first night at home - excellent!! Sadly the stopover wet all too quickly but we were soon off again with our new crew to Ardglass, mum and dad came out again in their boat to wave us off - or maybe it was to make sure we left as they then drove down to Donaghadee to check up on us!! Lovely harbour in anchorage - never having sailed down that part of the coastline it was excellent to see from the sea - with the Mourne mountains standing there as a back drop. It was soon across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man - first stop Port St Mary, then as we have some time here we have decided to do a circumnavigation of the Island. Very pleased with this idea, as we have had time to explore Douglas by electric railway and have continued on round to Peel this morning. AT one point we did look as if we were heading back to Northern Ireland due to wind direction and a rather adverse tide which either had us heading back home or taking us a tad too swiftly sideways!! This was just a minor inconvenience as round the west side of the Island we were treated to a broaching minke whale and at least 6 basking sharks doing what basking sharks do - basking in the summer sun! It was amazing sight, one even came along behind the boat and with the water so clear you could clearly make out it’s huge open mouth. Definitely a sight that will remain a highlight of the whole voyage. So we’re here in Peel and can’t get out until after 1 o’clock tomorrow - sometimes the tide is in our favour - so we get a good relaxing evening and morning to explore - excellent!! Until later Karen out. [10/08/09 19:00]

Hey people, its gerard from belfast, just on the leg 12 Bangor to the Isle of man, rite round the isle, then on to Liverpool and i would just like to say ”O my god!” , its the 5th day in and we're flying threw, just like the time. We were told that the Isle of man is a great spot to find basking sharks? Third day in and i was like, “yeah rite loads”! then all of a sudden SIX at the same time, how cool was that! I was so thrilled i screamed. One of them was so close that i could clearly see in its extra large mouth, definitely one of the best experiences in my life as a animal lover.
I am having so much fun, sleeping out at sea, missing my wee kids Jake and Ava, the better half (Trish) and dog Casey(love yas), but the crew are too cool for school so we're well entertained. We are currently docked at Peel (a lovely wee marina) and a cracking view of there castle, looking forward too tonites antics, whatever they may be?????

Hi, Marie-Clare here from Slaughtneil. currently on leg 12 with scarlet oyster. Its monday already... been a very busy week of seeing sharks, whales and of course sailing too. lol. we in peel today and we set sail for liverpool on early wednesday morning were our trip will end. Wish the girls the best of luck for the rest of there trip and thanks to them, ellen macarther trust and the northern ireland cancer fund for children for this great opportunity.

Hey all, Niall from Belfast here! Left Douglas yesterday and left Ramsey today, arrived in Peel this afternoon have had a great time so far and expect plenty more good times before the end of the trip! Having good fun with everybody on board the Scarlet Oyster, a BIG thank you to The Ellen MacArther Trust for this great opportunity they have given me!

Hi, Barbara here from Killyman! Been onboard the Scarlet Oyster for 5 days its been absolutely amazing, the crew have been great craic and have got us safely to each of our ports and am sure they get us to our end destination in Liverpool! (Hope I dont jinx us now lol) We have seen some beautiful scenes and have captured some great photos of wildlife, from birds to whales and sharks! We’ve had some great winds for sailing and the sun even managed to come out which was brilliant! I’ve learnt some more sailing techniques and gained new skills! I want to take a sentence or two to say, Thank you to both the Ellen MacArther Trust and the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children for yet another brilliant trip and another phenomenally fantastic experience!

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