Sunday, 28 June 2009

Day to stretch the legs

Nothing like cutting it fine - we cruised into Arbroath harbour yesterday evening with about 15 minutes to spare before they closed the gates! It was one of those frustrating wind days, it was on the nose the whole way out of the Forth - all 25 miles of it - then when we escaped the Forth it decided to die!! So unfortunately we had a large amount of motoring to do but hopefully the wind will return tomorrow and we can have a great sail to Stonehaven. Had a cracking day today along the cliffs towards Auchmithie - we were led to believe it was a 3 mile walk but definately not, on arriving at Auchmithie we saw a signpost to Arbroath 4 3/4 miles. Anyhow it was still a fab day, with sea stacks and cliffs, it was very cool to see the young gulls on the cliffs trying to fly for the first time. My in laws drove out to meet us at Auchmithie and without their help I think we would not have managed to ‘catch’ our dinner. Our dinner being Arbroath smokies - well we had to eat local and this was as local as we could get!! So it was a real Scottish feast for dinner, Arbroath smokies and salad, crackers with smokie pate and Tayside raspberries and strawberries with cream courtesy of my in laws again - thank you :-) It’s now only 1930, we’ve eaten dinner and all washed up - so that can only be one thing - Articulate time :-)
Karen out

First day of sailing yesterday - sailed all the way from Edinburgh to Arbroath. It wasn’t the best weather to sail and everyone was more or less quesy. In addition, we were against the time to get to the marina, as they were closing the gates at 8. When we finally arrived in Abroath, I bet everyone was happy to stand on the land. Today’s been absolutely fantastic day. We stayed in Abroath, which is a lovely, peacful town, and walked along the cliffs for about 5 miles to a nearby small town called Auchmithie. It was such an amazing view from the cliffs, absolutely fantastic! The weather was nice too, not too cold and we had a bit of a shinshine as well. One of the funniest parts of the day was when Caren, Cathy, Larvell and I saw the village we were heading and decided to walk back to the guys who were left behind to tell them that there’s no village and we need to walk all the way back. The look on their faces and moaning, it was hilarious! Once we got to the village the bus was just heading back, so we decieded to take the next one, which was supposed to be in an hour, and we headed to the beach. Of course the next bus wasn’t until two hours and we had to wait for another hour at the village. Finally back on the boat we had Abroath smokies - smoked fish - for tea and strawberries and cream for pudding. That was lovely! Now, it’s time to have a cup of tea and play games. Looking forward to tomorrow when we’re sailing to Stonehaven. -Maria

Me legs are stiff after after the 9 hour sail yesterday and the 9k walk today. but tomorows sail should be interesting if we manage to get some decent weather. seem to have gotten a knack recently for getting sunburnt, after i put some cream on yesterday and it chucked it down with rain then today didn’t bother as it was overcast and still got burnt. Also the smokies today acquired taste greasy and not that much taste, but not really a fish person well part from a friday fish supper :) -jonathan [28/06/09 20:00]

Friday, 26 June 2009

Tied up in knots

Still in Edinburgh but it’s been a great week here and we’ve had a tremendous couple of days with our new crew. It was good coming back to Scarlet on Tuesday, see how she enjoyed her weekend of rest and relaxation. A couple of days of tidying and maintenance and Scarlet was ready to meet her new crew for Leg 7. Chris, Jake, Jonathan, Larvell, Olly and Maria arrived yesterday afternoon and were soon making themselves at home. Chilled out evening before a long but tremendous day at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh - many thanks to Fiona Darwin and her team for organising tickets. What a cool day it was at the show. Weather was great, the Queen even came for the day, the only difficult bit of the day was actually deciding what to see!! So we went for some show jumping before lunch, then it had to be the Quack Commandoes - border collies herding ducks - how cool!!! Pretty impressive and something I’d never seen before although the ducks did look as if they’d maybe done this once or twice before. Managed to nip off and find out about honey bees and bee keeping. Possibly not the ideal pasttime for a voyage round Britain in a boat but would be so cool to have some bees making honey for me - magic!! Guess I might actually need to be in the country to tend to said bees as my husband, as lovely as he is, doesn’t particularly like bees and really don’t think he’d be up for doning the bee net and suit to collect the honey. And now to this evening’s activities - knots. Yes we have Jake with his two hands tied together attempting to get a knot out of the line and the funniest is Chris and Larvell tied together attempting to get apart - this has been the source of huge amusement for all spectators - and they’re determined not to be defeated - so they may well be here in the morning still attached!! Time will tell, until then Karen out.

jake here....
Todays bin full of first times... First time in edinburgh center, First time watchin an amphibious off road vehicle plowing through a duck pond whilst bein bombarded by blood thirsty scottish kiddies :-D First time in the presence of the old dear, and in this instance its the queen and not my nan hehe. And most imbaressing as it may be, first time defeated by a knot.. dont ask!!!!! We all enjoyed some lovely spag bol this evening, courtesy of ollie and larvell, followed by a mean mint Aero....... I must say though, i didnt realise how much id miss people back in stoke.... really really miss my gorgeous girlfriend, Letitia ;-(..... really miss my mum and the rest of the family.... and miss my dogs, Tilly and Alfie.....
Any ways, Bring on tomorrows sailing.....
cpt Jones out.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

We're in Scotland

Well here we are in Edinburgh - doesn’t seem that long ago that Edinburgh seemed such a long way away!! It was magic sailing up along the coast, so close to the Bass Rock that we could pick out individual gannets instead of just what looked like a new sprinkling of snow from a distance. It really was quite special sailing up through the Forth, catching our first glimpses of Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle, past Cramond and then through the Forth rail and road bridges into Port Edgar. Was surprised at the number of seals we saw on the way in, lounging (or sunbathing when the sun appeared) on the floats of the channel markers, there were also quite a few puffins just chilling on the Forth, I guess on their way to or from the Isle of May. Having a chill out morning catching up on blogs and photos before heading into Edinburgh for the day. Until next leg Karen

hi michael here first blog and new to all this even though i was on the dover to london leg which was great. now the newcastle to edinburgh leg and when i was doing the first leg i so wanted to do another leg and i am so glad i was able to and ye this leg has been amazing. we set off from newcastle and sailed for 20 miles and i had a go at driving and that was amazing. we arrived at amble marine and we spent a night there and then in the morning we went to the local market which we brought a blow up pirate ship which is great fun, i also brought alot of sweets. we then left to sail to farn islands which was even more amazing than anything as me and captain kath desided to paddle across the to one of the islands and we saw all the birds and there nest and also as they are quite defensive they kept pecking me on the head, but it was still great and amazing. then we sailed another 20 mile to eyemouth which was quiet and little and was able to post my postcards. then we sailed 50 miles to edinburgh which was even more amazing as i got to helm most the way and sail past bass rock and saw all the irds on that rock which was great. now in edinburgh getting ready to walk around the place and adventure even more and add more videos to the presentation. i wish i could do another leg but i can not as they are all fully booked. bye scarlet oyster have a fun rest of the journey. [17/06/09 12:00]

Monday, 15 June 2009

Fabulous Farne Islands

What an amazing place the Farne Islands are. We arrived yesterday afternoon, after a bit of interesting anchorage. We had some advice from the locals on where to anchor which was hugely helpful. The ground was a tad rocky and covered with weed, so after the 2nd time bringing up the anchor along with half the sea bottom we finally got the anchor to hold. The water was so clear we could see the anchor and chain lying on the bottom - it was pretty cool, although we could see it wound round a few rather large boulders. Spent the rest of the evening just watching the world go by and the seals and all the birds. We also tried out a new game - yes we have progressed from Uno and Articulate to Tension now. Not sure if this will win the popularity contest against Uno or Articulate but it was still a good game all the same. Going back out to watch the wildlife later in the evening our anchorage, previously surrounded by rocks, was now surrounded by breaking waves - it was a pretty impressive sight as we sat well protected on our anchor. Lovely morning again here in the Farne Islands so looks like it will be another tremendous day - magic! Our two intrepid explorers (Cath and Michael) have gone ashore to check out the bird life, we have stayed on board to guard against any wayward pirates that may have lost their way and gathered round the Farne Islands.
Until later Karen

We arnchored of the Farne Islands and what a great place to be arnchored,the sights are just breath taking. We arrived here yesturday afternoon and after a friendly chat to the locals we sayed goodbye and they left allowing us to take in the peaceful tranquility of the islands. We watched the amazing wild life taking picture of the turns diving in to the water and swooping back out with fish in there beaks and also the rather nosey and interested seals. After enjoying dinner i washed the dishes and went out on deck to join the other who where all on there mobile’s talking a rather funny sight. With the kettle on the boil again we sat out on deck unable to tare our selfs away from the beautiful sights. After a game of tension we all went to bed. We awoke to the sunshine again this morning, i am now looking forward to another days sailin in the sun. Jodie x

Farne Islands are awesome. Lots of birds and seals. Seals been my favourite! There are such sticky becks, popping their heads up and checking out whats happening on the boat then swimming off again. It was a lovely evening and everyone was on deck checking out all the wild life and enjoying the evening. At one stage everyone on the boat was chatting on their mobiles to their loved ones at home explainig how great this place is. The sun is out shining again today and there is baby seals parking off around the place which is cool. On that note I’m of to chill on the deck. Lauren [15/06/09 09:00]

Saturday, 13 June 2009

First stop Amble

What a magic day - brilliant wind - well until it started changing direction far too frequently, but then we saw the puffins. The little birds are fantastic, mostly they are happy to paddle around as we sail past - it seems to take them so much effort to fly away. With their wee short wings and bright orange bills, they look tremendous in the air though. It turned out be a great wildlife spotting day, quite a few gannets, the odd guillemot and a fair few puffins. We also had a friendly seal come and say hello as we motored into the harbour. It’s been a tops day and we’ve still got cupcakes (wee nubs) to come - think we’ll be doing dinner back to front again this evening, with lasagne coming after the cup cakes. . Heading off for a short run to check out the area around Amble, back in time for cupcake tasting though! Laters Karen

Had an awesome day sailing, apart from suffering from a touch of see sickness in the gally whilst making lunch for everyone. Michael and myself tried our hand at crab fishing, however it didn’t last long before I left Michael alone to fight for a catch. Looking forward to Jodie’s chocolate and apple cup-cakes and a game of tension with all the crew. :) Peace Out. Jay

Today has been a really good days sailing,with the sun shining in the sky and the wind in the sails. Sun,Sea and sailing what more could you ask for. Have made chocolate apple cup cakes today which was a challenge in the galley cooker but they were a success with a thumbs up from all the crew. Looking forward to dinner lasagne yummy one of my favourites. Going to be playin Tension tonight a new game for the voyage so should be fun Jodie x [13/06/09 21:00]

Last main English stopover - for the next month we're in Scotland!

What another gorgeous day here in North Shields, light breeze and sunshine. Think we’re going to have a cracking sail to Amble this afternoon. Our new crew arrived yesterday afternoon, Jay and Michael returning from Leg 2 and our volunteer Lauren returning from Leg 4 with Jodie joining us on the journey for the first time. It was such a beautiful afternoon we went off to play cricket and football in the park - counting the young ducklings in the pond on the way home. There were 9 of them only 3 weeks old we were reliably informed. Normally ducks are quite graceful landing inthe water, but as we were coutning the ducklings, a male mallard literally just bounced into the water - I think he was in need of practicing a few landings, it didn’t look the most co-ordinated! Anyhow off to the village of Amble this afternoon, about 20 miles up the coast so really looking forward to the sail in the sunshine with a light breeze which might actually be from a direction other than the one we are going in - tremendous!! Laters Karen

The lads also got there butts whooped by the girls at a game of ‘Articulate’. Followed by a friendly game of UNO.

Saturday 12th June
Arrived back on Scarlet yesterday afternoon. Was met by the lovely Simon at Newcastle train station. Where I also met Michael and Jay. Then we headed to the marina. It was great to see the 2 crazy sea cats again (Cath and Karen). Jodie had arrived early and was on board already. We had a nice time playing cricket and kick ball at the park. Followed by a few cheeky games of Articulate. My Articulate skills have not improved since leg 4. I personally blame Simon for this due to Simon being the rules nazi and everything had to be played by the instruction booklet. What happened to our Scarlet rules?????? Looking forward to the next few days of sailing and getting to know Michael, Jay and Jodie. Lauren

Saturday 12th June
Arrived yesturday after a 3 hour journey. I meet Simon,Cath and Karen for the first time after saying my goodbyes to my mum and step dad(and of course Zak) i got on board and started gettin to know cath and Karen both of which of first impressions where really nice.When the rest of the crew(Micheal,Jay and Lauren) arrivied later about five we sayed our hello”s and headed to the park for sum fun before cuming back and having yummy chicken wraps made by the boys.I woke up early this morning and am now ready and looking forward to a days sailing and getting to know everybody better. Jodie x

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Fun day in Scarborough

An unplanned extra day in Scarborough - engine troubles again!! On our way into Scarborough yesterday evening we noticed the water seperator filter was full of water and not diesel!! The same issue we had on our way into Sheerness all those weeks back, here was us hoping we had solved the problem. Cath duly drained the water, filled the filter with diesel and we motored on into Scarborough. However, on changing said fuel filter in Scarborough a rather crucial component (a wee screw that actually stops the diesel spurting out of another filter) sheared off!! Being a weekend in Scarborough no one was available to help us out of our predicament so here we are having spent a lovely chilled out day in Scarborough. It’s a very pleasant pretty town, great beach and tremendous ice cream shop - old retro style ice cream shop with big tall ice cream sundaes - needless to say we had to sample the delights so now feeling like a round pork pie!! Anyhow all grand on the good ship Scarlet this Sunday evening. Laters Karen

Shame about the engine issue as it looks as though we will now miss the quaint town of Whitby and have to head staright for Hartlepool instead.Never mind, we’ve had a great time exploring Scarborough and for Cath and Karen the challenge will be on to find a nicer ice cream than that from the Harbour Bar.Judging by how quickly their’s went down,Brad,Tim and Tom seemed to enjoy them too!Rounded off back at the boat by my first win at Uno-hopefully one of many.Bye for now.Dave

Today the weather was better. We explored Scarborough, went around the town and walked up towards the castle. views of the town and sea were really good tom.

My what a lovely day we have had. It’s been sunny and there is no better way to spend a sunny day but to go and explore. And thats just what we did. Now dinners in the oven and should be rather tasty. Well thats all for now laters every1 Tim [07/06/09 18:00]

Friday, 5 June 2009

Getting ready to depart Hull

Had a fab day off yesterday - Cath and I went to York for the day, neither of us having been there before. It was brilliant and we both thought York is such an amazing city / town. It was lovely to be ashore for a whole day but it’s great to back again getting ready for our next leg up to Newcastle - our last main stopover in England. I can’t believe we’ll soon be in Scotland. The time has gone so quickly, it seems just yesterday that we left Cowes in the glorious sunshine. Thankfully the sun has come back to shine on us again, all week in Hull we have had cracking weather, it’s been brill.
Our new crew have arrived and are settling in - in fact making the teas and coffees - always a bonus! Heading over to the yacht club this evening for pizza and then early start - what’s new - in the morning off to Scarborough.
Laters Karen

Got a train from london to hull and arived at around 12:30, we got aboard the boat and was shown around and was given a safety brief. Tomorrow we are sailing to Scarborough. Should be fun.

Ahoy Maties
Travelled up to Hull and boarded my new home for a few days. setteled in said hi to karen who i did round the island with last year with sail4cancer. Getting on well with everyone and really looking forard to starting tomorrow morning (can’t wait)!!


Sunny weather so nice train journey over from Leeds as I start my leg of this incredible voyage .As someone who has worked in Hull for many years it is interesting to see it from the harbour.All the guys settling in well and chilling out prior to the long haul to Scarborough tomorrow so fish and chips might be the order of the day when we dock as there could be a few hungry mouths to feed and after that I will take them to the harbour bar for some delicious home made ice creams (no not the sort of bar you were probably thinking of!)
Adios for now.
[05/06/09 18:00]