Sunday, 31 May 2009

100 mile day blog

Saturday 30th

Woken by a clattering at 5 0 clock am! (not good) I opened my eyes and through the cubbyhole window directly above me I saw, first a rope, then a flip flop and someone’s foot! I got up cause I couldn’t sleep with everyone clambering about on deck. Then the boat started tipping at an angle a bit like what felt like 90 degrees! I was pinned to the side of the boat and couldn’t move. Someone, I can;t remember who, very kindly made me a Bacoln roll for brecki. I got a bit cold so with a huge huge struggle,as still pinned to the side, about an hour later, with help, I clambered up the ladder to the deck. The whole thing was a little bit scary to me but really exciting, fun and very very very cool. I’d deff do it again! weyyyyyyy! We moored at 12;45 in Lowesloft. We had soup for lunch, I had chicken mmm. Then Iwent to have a shower. That was like a small wet room,cool.

We, all the 7 of us went for a walk along the prom, had a ice cream and flew the kite. That was good fun. Tonight we have being invited to dinner at the harbour. I had a jacket potato with cheese and some salad, whilst listening to the band start up. There were disco lights and we all went up for a dance. It was 60’s music, my favorite. We all had great fun. Fab Stuff!!! some local people to the club had dressed up in real 60’s gear. There were lots of great outfits and some one was dressed as Elvis Presley!!!!!!! It was very cool. Silly but fun at the same time. I really enjoyed it! We had to leave half way through as we have to get up at 5;00 am again and are sailing all day so we need our sleep. But we had a great night . My best night yet Lizzy.D

Sunday 31st

Had a awesome day today. We sailed 100miles! Very impressed with myself there was no vomiting over the deck from sea sickness today, unlike yesterday.......oh what fun I had yesterday when we were sailing. I discovered very early on that I DO get sea sickness and that when behind the wheel my driving is like a mad woman’s knitting!..........Lauren........

100 miles and 13.5hrs later we arrived today in Grimsby. What a fantastic day! The conditions couldn’t have been better - blue sky, loads of sunshine (we’re all slapping on the factor 50!) and quite a bit of wind. The 2 consecutive 5am starts were taking their toll and I found myself drifting off to sleep lying on the deck, but what a sight to wake up to - the shimmering deep blue sea (mostly it’s been a less attractive brown colour!) and no land in sight. Looking forward to exploring the sights of Grimsby tomorrow. Annelise

Today, as we sailed past the wash, we were completely out of sight of the land. This was the first time that I’ve done this, and I can see how it would be either an unnerving experience or a calming one. For me it was the latter. Surrounded by the constantly shifting and perpetually chaotic landscape of the sea was completely mesmerizing. I often go to the beach to read, every now and then looking up at the sea; today I tried to read at one point and would find myself reading one or two pages, and then staring at the sea for I don’t know how long, before realising that I had completely forgotten about my book. With no landmarks, detatched from everything but the boat and her crew, perceptions of time and space seem to dissolve, hours pass in minutes and vice versa. Any objects that we did come across took on a very mysterious quality, appearing on the horizon as indistinct shapes, and gradually taking on form as they approach, with their silence and stillness heightened by the lack of any activity around them. The one thing we saw for most of the day, other than the odd container ship in the distance and a couple of passing gannets, was an unmanned meteorological tower If we were passing it on land it would have come and gone before we’d even noticed it, but from the boat it was a brooding and eternally patient obelisk that seemed to have been left by some unknown hand for some unknown reason. Although, having said that, it was probably left by meteorologists, for meteorological reasons. Luke

Friday, 29 May 2009

Leg 4 - Day 2 back in Walton Backwaters

New crew, new day - it’s been excellent. Back in the same wee anchorage we stayed at in Walton Backwaters - well it was so nice we thought we should introduce our new crew to it! We did have intentions earlier of rowing ashore to the beach - unfortunately it was rather breezy and with a pretty hefty tide running in the same direction as the wind - out to sea - we thought better of it so our paddle will have to wait until another day. Until then I will sit and listen to the wind, watch the sun set and play some more Articulate.
Laters Karen

I arrived in Ipswich yesterday at about 3 o clock (not sure exact time) at the harbour to find Frank and a few others who told me that the Scarlet Oyster had just gone out for a sail and would be coming in any minute.
In came Scarlet,WOW! What a magnificent boat!!!!!! Amazing, but not Scarlet like I expected but a beautiful Ellen MacArthur Trust blue_ still very cool. Mum, Dad and I Got shown around Scarlet inside and explained all my complications of medics over a cup of tea.
I was interviewed and filmed by several different people whilst on the boat and then after that BBQ had been aranged for us.Yum! Climbing off the boat , People wanted autographs and then walking up towards the BBQ, amazing atmosphere it felt a bit like star-dem!!!


had a late night on wednesday still packing for the trip as i’ve had a very busy week because i had to hand in all my college work for it to get marked and feedback to be given. The next morning me, my mother and grandmother woke up at 7 am we got ready and left the house around 9:30, i was map reading while my mum was driving, it was a 4 hour drive from Nottingham to Ipswich we finally arrived at about 14:00 and saw Frank and Simon had a little chit chat, frank invited my mum and gran to a BBQ that started about 18:30. we then walked back to the other ends of the doc and met Lizzy and her parents and then i saw Dan. we then had a walk to the boat Scarlet Oyster, it felt good to be back on her, it brought back some memories from previous trips, it was also sad news to hear that the owner of Scarlet Oyster passed away he was a great guy and very friendly.

At about 17:40 to 18:20 we had lots of different people coming on and off the Boat they were news crew and people from the local papers we got lots of pictures taken and lots of questions asked about ourself and the trips, after that the BBQ had stated so we began to walk up as a group on our way up there some people came and asked for the crews autographs, made us feel like we were celebrities and all the cameras and film crew contributed towards that feeling as well. When we got to the BBQ we had a look at the food, some of the food i had never heard of before, i had a spicy chicken cob which was nice. after the BBQ we then headed down to the boat there we lots of people crowded round it and more people asked us questions, have you ever been before?, do you like it?, would you ever of started sailing if the trust was here?, when everyone had left it was getting on for 21:30 so we had a little time for us all to get to know each other better and had a little safety brief. About 22:10 we then came inside and played some games we played articulate which i had never played before, after few games we all headed to bed.

In the morning at 7:40 i woke up and had a shower we was going to set sail at 11:00 but we had a problem with the boat as a seal in the toilet was broken so a guy had to come and repair it. Some of us went round the new sailing shop that had opened because down at Dover on another leg a fender was popped because it was getting slammed against a big boat, we then went to Tesco in Simons nice Volvo we went there to get a few things for the boat. when we got back to the boat we then had a safety brief and then set off we did a bit of sailing down to Walton Backwaters, we then was getting ready to get off the boat and go to the shore but the wind and current of the water was to strong so we didn’t do that instead we listened to music and was talking till dinner time, we had chicken wraps which was very nice and now I’m writing this.


One of the things that I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by so far is the number of people who seem to have taken an interest in the trip, from the various media outlets to local people, such as the man who came down this morning to offer us some soft plastic balls as a form of stress relievers, and also to play us a tune on his accordian as we left the marina this morning.
The creek we’re spending the might in is beautiful, all soft sand and gentle waves, a brilliant frame for the particularly picturesque sunset we had tonight.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

FInal blog from Leg 3

Bradwell . Bradwell was wicked i loved it we went archery which i managed to get the arrow right over the hill =] and we also did high ropes which was awesome very frightening but worth it in the end =]. We also went up the mast at bradwell which was cool and very fun i was really high we could see everything =] . We also went on the power boats which were very very good we went at 25 knots and we went to mercy island and got an ice cream Yumm!. Yesterday we finished our adventure and got to ipswich is very nice there was lots of people watching us come in and clapped us. They had put on a bbq and gave out free ice cream Mmmmm. We all felt like celebrities. =] =].


yesterday was exciting day with a lazy start to the day we set sail about 1:30 and motored up to ipswich and all of a sudden on the last day Steffi found a love for helming so we took it in turn sailing the the river. this was very exciting because we have a brand new oyster 82 and oyster 65 to come meet with us a start and a convoy with us. After some skill full helming by Steffi to get us in line and close to the other boats i took over and steered us under the bridge.

the 6 days sailing has been great. when i arrived first at London i unpacked and met all of the crew. on the friday we set sail down the river Thames and went down to sheerness and stayed there for the rest of the night playing uno. on saturday we sailed up to Bradwell and spent 2 days there. the guys also done a high rope which looked fun and they went up the mast. on the sunday we went on a rib ride to Mercy island and got some swiss chocolate ice cream. when we got back to Bradwell we done some archery and the best i got was a red which is very good but not the best, the best is yellow. on monday we set sail down to the creek and spent the night anchored up playing uno. i wasn’t feeling to good on the sail but i had a 1hr sleep. yesterday i sailed to ipswich and when we got there, there was lots of people from skandia and it felt like that we were celebrities. they also set up a bbq for us and they had a yacht simulator. today i am going home at 3oclock and i can not wait to see my mum, dad and brother. sustainability- sustainability is recycling and turning things off to save electricity and i did very good at it. i did most of the sustainability on the last 6 days.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Night at anchor at Walton Blackwater

What a really pretty part of the country we are in at the moment. I’ve never been here before but there are so many little creeks to explore and investigate that I will definitely have to come back here and check them out in the future – hopefully on board a wee boat called Gannet – if my mum and dad would agree?! First night at anchor on the trip – tremendous to wake up in a wee channel with a seal bobbing up next to us. Unfortunately, as is always the way, there was no camera handy, well it was 0700 in the morning and by the time we had retrieved camera the crafty seal had swum away!! We’ve got a few hours at anchor until we are able to leave the creek so the crew are cracking on with the Leg 3 video, our presentation for the hospital visit tomorrow and of course the Uno cards have come out!! Off to Ipswich this afternoon, until then. Laters Karen

Well I think im going to start of were Karen did it is absolutely amazing but the weather is not great but spirits aree very high. we had a very nice breakfast cooked by dan and dan now we are waiting to move on and get to Ipswich. Uno is the only game  lol. james out

Soo we had a awesome sail out of the Thames with some nice wind and a steady pace of about 9 knots. DanDan auto helm (me) helmed all the way which I found really fun. After a well deserved sleep we headed to Bradwell (yipieeeee) we arrived about midday and just chillaxed on the boat. We where all getting ready for some highropes ,so we decided we would all go up the mast for some ‘practice’ but really it was for a bit of fun . Shortly after we made our way to the high ropes which I was very very very excited about, after a few leaps of faith and some epic climbing we all headed back to the boat for the evening. The next morning we where ment to be dinghy sailing but there was no wind, what a bummer but instead we went POWERBOATING in Bradwell’s ribs we had a nice rag around of the boat in the river then went over to Mersea so a ice cream Mmmmmmmmm. We also played a bit of archery and I sat watching the topper national squad arrive as I plotted to steal there full kitted out toppers . After are 2 days at bradwell we headed up to Walton on the naze to anchor for the night on the way we saw a 29er which was moving a lot faster then us but was awesome to watch. That brings us to now rain, thunder and lightning and, a hot chocolate waiting to sail (motor) to Ipswich. x
Dan (wee)
We sailed out of bradwell yesterday. And we were heading for the Wolton Channel it was quite windy but ok weather. When we got closer to Wolton Channel The weather picked up a bit and got more and more windy and started to rain, So not so good weather but was still cool =]. We anchored up at the Wolton Channel which was Ok, And all the crew had a game of articulate which was awesome because the girls won =] =] Soon we will be motoring to Ipswich not so good weather to sail but will still be fun =]

Monday, 25 May 2009

Chilling day ar Bradwell

Been a while since our last crew blog - apologies all, have had some internet issues - possibly both internet and user error, but hopefully these are sorting themselves out slowly. Simon, Dan and myself collected o
Our new crew (James (Jim-bob), Jamie (Wee Man), Steffi and Dan (Wee Dan)) on Thursday - great combination of names to have all on one boat - and with skipper and mate of Cath and Karen and our two volunteers of Dan M (Big Dan / Monkey) and Carolyn I wasn’t surprised when we started to get confused! Dinner over on Thursday and Uno came out - I do wonder how many legs the cards can take?
Chris Livett joined us again for the trip down the Thames to Sheerness, sadly there was not too much sailing done due to a shortage of wind but at least it was a lovely sunny way to start the leg off with :-)
A very early start on Saturday morning - slightly earlier than planned as the boat we had rafted up next too was off then - just meant we got to Bradwell earlier and got to sort things out before the high ropes course in the evening!!! Think this pleased Wee Dan in particular who was hugely excited about coming to Bradwell.
Many laughs on the high ropes course - with some huge leaps especially from James who would not be defeated - and was not either on the 2nd attempt!!!
Much to everyone’s disappointment a huge lack of wind (why couldn’t we have harvested some of the wind we had blowing a hooley 2 weeks ago?) meant no dinghy sailing (sorry Sarah for having to pack all Dan’s dinghy stuff for him not to use it!), so it was out in the ribs for a bit of a blast and trip to Mersey Island for ice creams. Most interesting on the pier too - so many people crabbing - I have never been crabbing and I was so surprised at how many crabs people had caught and wondered what they did with them (they were after all a tad small for eating!). So I have since been informed that they generally get thrown back in - Im guessing the crabs are now quite wise to this and are quite happy to eat what people drop down on lines, get brought to the surface for some sunlight and then dropped back down to the depths - only for it all to start again - I think they’re pretty well fed! Wwe ll we’re all off to shoot some arrows now so until next time. Laters Karen

Today has been a brill day we had to get up at 8 o’clock to go on the ribs ready for half 9 The ribs were real good fun we went real fast at 25 knots which was really fast and dan james and Cath had to hold on really tight as i was steering =] we stopped of at mercy island and we all got an ice cream and a cafe called black pearl strawberry was the best =P after we came back to Bradwell and caroline and i made sandwhiches for the rest of the crew we had cheese,ham,chicken,lettice,tomato and salami a bit of a wierd combination a little while after me and jamie played a game of uno and then Cath joined us and we all played frustration. i won =] a short while after dan, wee dan, james,and jamie and i went on to do archery which was pretty cool it was a real good laugh Big Dan and Wee Dan and James all got the bulls eye. we are all now back in the boa and all helping out to clean the boat Soon we are going to play some outdoor games like football cricket and parachuting fun Stuff =] Steffi

today has been absolutely amazing . the weather is great the ribs were great the archery was great its been a great day. the ribs got up to 25 knots and i drove. we got ice cream yum :) i had a good night sleep last night and a nap today it was nice :):):) James

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Chilling in London

Just back into the swing of things after a couple of days off in London - what a mad week it's been! With all the worries of the weather, water in the fuel tanks, getting to the bridge on time it's been tremendous to have a couple of days with friends and family off the boat - but now very glad to be back and getting the boat ready for the arrival of our new crew tomorrow and the start of Leg 3.

After moving the boat back to St. Katharine Docks on Saturday morning, after stopping London traffic for the 2nd time that week raising Tower Bridge, it's been very quiet on the boat - and also much less bumpy than when we were alongside HMS Belfast. Although walking across Tower Bridge last night, still can't quite believe we were moored up alongside HMS Belfast - pretty cool place really.

Had a great weekend, listening to Ellen's talk, going out and meeting friends, and I even played some Uno!! And I won!! I don't think my husband is a fan now though!

Cath and I were back on the boat again yesterday getting Scarlet ready for the start of Leg 3. Was a good day and sat on the boat last night, just the two of us was odd - lovely to have time to chat to each other and catch up though. Very restful sleep and now back to updating blogs and still having to clean our fuel tanks!! Guess should be off to get that started.

looking forward to meeting all our leg 3 crew tomorrow - see you then. Will be another fab trip!
Until then

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thames Travel

What a week it’s been. It’s been a tops week and it’s amazing to be here in London. The windy weather of Dover seems so long ago. Sorry about lack of blogs but with the wind blowing a hooley from Dover, our delightful engine troubles it’s all been a tad hectic. It really was a windy and bumpy ride up from Dover, pleased when Sheerness came into to site only for our engine to fail so close to picking up our mooring buoy L So we’re all very pleased to be here but we had a cracking sail yesterday up the Thames and spent the night over looked by Canary Wharf – pretty smart. So now we’re moored up alongside HMS Belfast being bounced around (again!) by all the wash from the passing ferries (never realised so much traffic on the Thames). What a view from our wee boat – tremendous!
Laters Karen

It has been incredible coming up the Thames with Ellen, all the camera crews and interviewers, we felt like celebrities. But what an experience to take part in with the amazing sights of London.

Today has been a day of experiences! So much fun! Starting the morning early at 6.30 to clean down the boat for the big day. Ellen, Emily, and Maxine soon joined us in the dock for the final stretch down the Thames. Every one on board was so excited, we where going to sail under tower bridge. After a short sail up to the bridge and HMS Belfast we approached the bridge about 11am the crowds started to crowd on the bridge as it opened for us to pass through. Every one was at the bow with Ellen and Emily was at the helm, as we approached HMS Belfast all the parents waved from the boat as we dropped our main sail and readied the fenders so we could moor next to HMS Belfast. After saying hello to all the parents we swiftly dashed off to the London eye for a ride on the wheel J, it was brilliant. So hear we are now bumping around next to HMS Belfast chilling out for the evening J x
Dan Goulding.

Dover seems a long time away, sitting here now in London in the Skippers chair, with a Queen song ‘Don’t stop me now’ being sung by Dan, Michael and Jay, Karen & Cath – epic, I don’t think I could subject them to my backing singing so I will carry on with blogging…a great day yesterday and today sailing up the Thames into the heart of London with camera crew from ITV and BBC in ribs either side of the great Scarlet Oyster. Great also to have Emily and Maxine on board with Ellen Macarthur.
Wow – what a crew!
London Eye in the afternoon for us too – what a view of our beautiful capital city!
Don’t stop me now! – sorry back to blogging - Jay cooked the best chicken stir fry with a sweet and sour sauce this side of the Thames (Mrs Collins lives North of the Thames!) and Dan is getting prepared for his appearance on Friday’s TV.
Outside London Bridge looks totally awesome at night with lights on.
Time to turn in after another full day.
Thanks again to EMT for making this possible for everyone….
Kind regards

Monday, 11 May 2009

First Blog from Leg 2 crew

Well here we are in Dover with our new crew for the start of Leg 2.  The weather gods seem to playing a similar game to that which they played in Brighton i.e. strong winds from the wrong direction!!  So we have been storm bound in Dover for the day - but it's been tops, we had a trip round the lifeboat here - actually berthed opposite Scarlet - within swimming distance or long boat hook!! We also had a tour round Dover Castle - it's pretty impressive and with some cracking views over Dover harbour and the rather large waves outside the entrance which we were very grateful not to be out in :-) Our new crew of Jay, Dan, Michael and Mark from Skandia seem to be settling in well.  Uno has been out although the games have been slightly quieter than those of last week - does that mean there is more or less cheating though??  Having a chill out night this evening, attempting to make Scarlet out of plasticine, after tops dinner of sausage and mash and onion gravy - thank you boys.  Off make out plasticine mast - more later in the week

It has been a very very windy day! To windy to sail :( but even so we still had a brilliant day! Starting with a yummy breakfast of eggy bread soon followed by the tour of the RNLI boat. After the tour we started the long UPHILL walk to Dover castle, after the long climb we where all delighted because with the tickets came some epic stickers!!! We were overwhelmed by the size of the castle as from well below at the dock it seemed tiny :). We had a guided tour of the old war tunnels and successfully found the haunted room :S. We head back to Scarlet Oyster for dinner, Me and Michael cooked sausage and mash (i had boiled spuds). This brings us to now, i am sitting writing this blog Dan. M, Michael, and Jay are making Scarlet Oyster out of plasticine and off for a shower soon :) x
Dan Goulding

Well what an experience - and its only day 1 of the second leg, an absolute honour to be on board with great people on a great boat - I luckily won one round of Uno, still unsure of the rules! We are all looking forward to getting out on Scarlet Oyster soon just as soon as the weather improves! 
Mark Collins

Friday, 8 May 2009

Last blog from some of our leg 1 crew

These last few days have been amazing! Sailed from Brighton to Eastbourne yesterday, and I steered for a while which was brilliant, was really starting to get the hang of it by the end! Eastbourne was a really nice place, nice showers! Then today we sailed from Eastbourne to Dover. It rained this morning but then the sun came out this afternoon, was still really windy though. Had to wait around for about 15 minutes before we could get into the harbour, the sea was very topsy-turvy and we all got drenched by the waves breaking over us! Have just got back from eating lots of fish and chips J We must have played over a hundred games of uno by now, earlier I lost with 14 cards left L I’ll play again in a minute and see if I can win, and have a cup of Cath’s/Karen’s Special whilst playing! Having a great time, don’t want to go home tomorrow! But hopefully I’ll be back sailing over the summer doing my Day Skipper course J

It was our last day sailing – Eastbourne to Dover. We left at 9am, sailing started of well but then it got cold, rained and got really rocky. I went downstairs to warm up but felt sick. Little while later I was sick - nice. Later I decided to come back up on board as it was the last day sailing and wanted to join the team. Finally we reached Dover at 5.30pm, yippee!! We got soaking wet but warmed up with a hot chocolate mmm. Later we all went to the park and ate fish/sausage/chicken nuggets and chips (thanks Simon!) Now its our last night on Scarlet Oyster and we’re playing the ultimate game…….UNO! I’ve had a wicked week, enjoyed every moment of it and I’ve laughed so much. Thanks guys!

Tied up warmly, nice and dry in Dover. Interesting sail to Dover today from Eastbourne – we were trucking along with the tide and a very small headsail – made great time to Dover only to be told to wait outside for 2 cruise ships to leave – or perhaps Cath thought we had all stayed so dry for the trip that after the rain we needed some salt spray to finish the trip off – yes we all got a good dousing from the waves outside Dover Harbour. We’re now back from fish and chips – the uno cards are even going away – to make way for another game!! Looking back on the week it’s been awesome. All the crew have been tremendous – battling through big seas and high winds, sea sickness, giving interviews and the presentation at the Royal Marsden. It’s been a cracking week and I’d like to thank all you guys for making it so much fun.
More from Leg 2 Karen Out [08/05/09 21:30]

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Yesterday was a tiring day, even though we didn’t sail. In the morning we went to the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton to give a presentation, we talked about how we got involved we the trust, what we have done with the trust and how it has helped us. I was very nervous but we got a great response with lots of people asking us questions. After that we had a few minutes to spare so went for a stroll along Brighton Pier, it was quite windy but funny as Frank and Simon went in the cardboard cut out things, after Frank brought us a delicious doughnut and in true fashion Jack had two. After that we walked to the Musto shop to meet Ellen and have some photos taken, where a little girl who had won a competition interviewed us about life on board. Then, it was back home to the Scarlet Oyster for tea before getting a taxi to the Hilton Hotel ready for Ellen’s talk . Her talk was inspiring and insightful as I didn’t know half of the facts about all of the voyages and nature that she had seen. It was also interesting to see what she is planning to do next with her life, and made me think about how I could make mine better for not only me but how I could make a difference in everybody’s lives. Hattie

Yesterday was a busy day. We was up early – had breakfast and showered. Simon and Frank came down and we all went to Marsden hospital in Sutton to give a presentation about the trust. I think it went well, although I felt I was a bit rambly as usual. I saw my dad as we were leaving which was really great. I also saw Sarah, Cerys, Bradley and Tim which was cool catching up with them. We went back to Brighton and stopped at the pier and had donuts, mmm. Then we went to the Musto store where Ellen was there. We had photos taken and an interview with a little girl. I also got Ellen’s autograph which I will put in my scrapbook, yippee. Then later at around 6.30pm we went to the Hilton hotel to watch Ellen speech. I thought it was a really great speech. I could see that she meant every word by what she said and the looks she gave at the photos. I found Ellen so normal and truthful if that make sense. I could see that Ellen was passionate about sailing, animals and nature. This then made her speech inspiring. After we went back to the boat and had Karen’s special (this was the best so far!) Then we played Cluedo which Karen and I won – wooo hooo! Then at the end of the night Dan told me some riddles which were good ones I thought. Chloe

Monday, 4 May 2009

Day 2 on the good ship Scarlet Oyster

Day 2 on the great ship Scarlet Oyster. Had an amazing day yesterday with so many spectator boats to see us off – quite emotional saying goodbye to friends and family for 4 months but what an adventure we were embarking on. Superb weather for heading off down the Solent to Portsmouth. Arrived safely at Gunwharf Quays, faijitas for dinner and then everyone hit the sack – tiring day for all. Only one game of Uno this evening I think!

This morning we were lucky enough to have superb weather for a trip up Spinnaker Tower before heading off towards Brighton. Cracking sail down to Brighton with wind westerly F4/5 sea state ‘Topsy Turvy’ (thanks Joe for the addition to the sea state scale). Wind is now blowing a hooley – so very pleased to be nicely tied up at Brighton after tops sausage casserole – we even had dinner guests in the name of Frank and Simon – and I have it on good authority that the next time they are invited they will bring dessert!! Off for a short (?) game of Articulate and then shortly off to bed.
Laters Karen

Saturday, 2 May 2009

First official crew blog from the good ship Scarlet Oyster. After another manic week she’s ready to depart tomorrow – so excited not sure how much I’ll sleep tonight I don’t even have my lifeboat bear or fish for company. They will arrive tomorrow along with my pillow – which I will miss greatly tonight. Anyhow I’ll hand over to our very excited crew…. Laters Karen

Back on scarlet, and she looks great, can’t wait till we set sail for real. And I am amazed I haven’t forgotten anything, not that I have discovered yet anyway! And yes the uno champion is back Harriet wills

Great to be back on Scarlet again, can’t wait till we all set off tomorrow! Feeling sleepy now after eating a rather large portion of fish and chips…was yummy! Rachel Blackford

Really looking forward to start this adventure on Scarlet Oyster! Enjoyed the chicken nuggets and chips and especially Kath’s special!!! Chloe Parsons

Scarlet look’s amazing! I sailed with EMT on one of the first trips and there was 1 boat, then there was 2 boats, then 3, 4, 5, now sailing round Britain! Its awesome a Big Adventure. I’m really looking forward to it . . . . Dan Monk

Day 1 onboard the Scarlet Oyster she looks amazing. Exited about setting sail tomorrow and the big launch event ,I cant believe how many people are coming tomorrow….Joe CunninghamJ

It’s day one in the Scarlet Oyster…just imagine that in a Big Brother voice J

So far so good, first day was okay, just eating some chips and playing Uno.

I suck at that game, +16?! Are you kidding?! Lol…

I’m gonna enjoy this J

- Jack Clark