Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Nearly there....

Its the fourth day and we are still in high spirits, despite sailing through fog and under clouds for the past three days. So much has happened really, no-one ever gets bored on these trips; there's no time to! It was nice on the the first day in Torquay, finally meeting up with Claire and Rhiannon for the first time in over a year!!!! And, as usual i managed to be the last one to arrive. The second day we went to living coast, a sanctuary for penguins, puffins, seals and that sorta thing. Rhi was obssesed with the poo there... Rhi, they ARE birds, they to have business to do! Got sailing later that day, Tracy looking out for dolphins and managed to see about five imaginary dolphins! We went night sailing!!! It was quite scary actually, we couldnt see anything along with the fog! We moored in this really snazzy marina in Portland, heated floors, heated mirrors, flash showers. It was absolute luxury! We sailed past the World windsurfing championships.... c'mon Great Britain! Erm, then we had more fog and had to use the fog horn, it was soooo loud! Last night we stayed in poole, near famous people! Bradley walsh off Corrie and Rosemary Schreiger or something, with a really flash boat, we wanted to go on it. Passed the needles and now in Yarmouth. Not long to go now!!! The peeps are great :) I knew Claire, Rhi, Tom and Tracy from previous trips and it was so nice to see them again! Especially when Emily visited with the cakes, they were so yummy after a whole day of non-stop cake talk! Ocean Village tomorrow! Abi [09/09/09 20:00]

This trip is AWESOME!! We have had sooooo much fun it is unbelievable. It is the fourth day and I don't remember not talking except when sleeping and being sick, but I am okay now. On the first day we were just chillaxing and getting to know each other, but I already knew Claire, Abi and Rhi so that was good. The next day we went to see the penguins, puffins, seals and Rhi managed to discover that they poo a lot and was disgusted. She also taught us a few words and we pwned her!! That was really fun. We decided to make a rap as well it is amazing, especially with mine and Claire's singing, it is gangster brapp!! I am MC Tombaaaaa and Claire is MC Octopuuss. Then sailing that day was long and hard and I was sick, but we made it to Portland eventually. Kerry was sick as well and has a bad eye, but she is still laughing and giggling. The Showers were amazing!! On the third day Claire showed me her amazing sock puppet show. It blew my mind!! Our sailing was really good that day and Rhi had a nice sleep and woke up a bit mardy so she kicked Claire's bed it was funny!! At Poole Emily came down with her parents and they brought two homemade cakes down for us, they were amazing. This was while Barnaby was putting his studying to practice by fixing the switch under the sink. Then we sailed to Yarmouth on the next day with a great days sail and did a lot more rapping. Then we went for a walk and had some delicious ice cream, whilst I danced to some wicked tunes. I can't wait untill the homecoming and the party, it will be Phat!!!!!!!!! Tom

What can I say, I have had the most amazing time, I have met some wonderful young people, Abi, Barnaby, Claire, Rhi and Tom, who have all made me very welcome - it's been such fun, although the first day, didn't spend too much time on deck as very poorly but since then, managed to stay up on deck all the time - sailing has been brilliant, never done anything like this before, even managed to help put the sail up today, rather scary. Weather not been too great but didn't expect too much in Britain!!!!! Can't wait to see the video and the rap - cooked curry the first night with Claire, a success!!! I've even been renamed - Jerry John Kerry Gold!!!! Can't wait to see the boat sail into Cowes and see everyone again - well done everyone - an amazing experience and thank you for inviting me to join leg 16!!!! Kerry

I've been looking forward to Round Britain for the entire year and it has certainly delivered! From the moment I boarded Scarlett Oyster I instantly felt a million miles away from everything else that was going on at home, at school and in my head. I couldn't wait to get out on the water, it was going to be a good week. It was great to be reunited with Abi, Rhiannon and Tom and to meet Barnaby, Kath, Karen and Kerry. The weather hasn't been great but we've definitely made the best of it. Sailing at night was an incredible experience especially through thick fog, a night I will never forget... It's been pretty much non-stop laughter from the word go. You'll hear more from me soon but I must attend to the sausage casserole on the hob as Tracy and I are chefs tonight and we wouldn't want anything sticking to the bottom of the pan! Claire

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