Wednesday, 22 July 2009

More swimming - this time the Atlantic!

Can’t believe we’re already on Leg 10 and we’ve left the Caledonian Canal! Had an awesome trip down the canal with two great crews from around Scotland. We also had an expected day with Wendy and Iain Hope and their family on Sunday - it was great thank you all. Our new crew arrived on Monday after some very helpful Skandia volunteers cleaned and polished Scarlet - it was great to meet you guys and thanks. Monday night was cricket night - well with England winning a test match in the Ashes and us having our Austalian trustee on the boat - it would have been rude not too. I think it ended up being a draw - siting bad light! Departing Caledonian Canal on Tuesday morning was superb, Wendy and Iain came down to wave us off, cloud was off Ben Nevis and the sun was shining. Unfortunately no wind so it was a motor out of Corpach down Loch Linnhe and through Corran Narrows. I’d forgotten how nice it was sailing aorund this area - it’s amazing somewhere I need to spend much more time in our cruise round next year :-) Evening was spent in Dunstaffnage wandering around the castle - by the time we got to cricket it was bad light!! Tuesday morning was very wet, had a lazy morning and left not long after 11 - lo and behold not long after leaving the sun came out and we were treated to some of most amazing scenery of the voyage so far. We had a great little anchor at Puilladobhrain - fond memories from my Day Skipper and charters with John. We stopped here for lunch - like quite a few others but unlike others we had a swim!! So that’ll be North Sea, Loch Ness, Loch Oich and Atlantic Ocean ticked for swimming now - not doing badly! So now we’re moored up in the basin at Crinan all set for a second canal tomorrow - can’t wait :-) Karen out.

Last night after a gorgeous dinner of pasta, we went to find the pitch for the second test match in our EMT Ashes Series. We walked along the beach, into the forest, into a dead end, back out again, along the shore, to the castle, and then a left turn down onto the beach. It was so beautiful,... Fran was taught by Gareth, champion skimmer, how to skim stones. It was magic, with the sunset and islands over the water. Unfortunately, we had postpone the second test, due to the the girls enjoying the simply breathtaking view and the boys’ stone throwing competition.

So today started drizzly and with very dreigh Scottich weather. But by noon, the sun had come out, and we saw dolphins! We also swam the Atlantic! - a whole 2 boat lenghts,... It was cold... actually freezing, actually beyond freezing.

We played a great game of Animal ABC as we motor sailed past the islands and lighthouses. We had a water fight,... instigated by the Aussie on board,...however, Gareth and Cath, our skipper, saught revenge.

We had the bagpipes welcome us into Crinan and are now in the most idealic harbour, with classic yachts and the forest around us. It’s been a great day. We’re looking forward to more to come. Fran, Gareth and the Aussie out.

RAWWWR! how exciting has this trip been so far :O??? also How cool was that swim??? i’ll answer that for you..... breathtaking...... quite physicly, ABSOLUTELY BELOW FREEZING! after two laps of the beautiful scarlet oyster fran and i freaked out at the mention of jelly fish and clambered back on deck. I am quite astonished at the reception into crinan lock! as we were about to enter, we were all seronaded with the sound of bagpipes, formed by a lovely little chap in the full traditional scottish kit. we are bein cooked dinner by the shepard pie master’s Luke and Gareth, but its very debatable weather they will actually top the masterfull grade A pasta dish, cooked by Joe and Timmy boy. (that comment Not at all written by joe :P) DOLPHINS, we saw a few poppin there beaks out the atlantic in an orderly fashion to greet us XD, Not to mention the seal, which at one point we thought was man over board!!! :O, we are now writting this blog awaiting dinner after a beautiful cruise, a breath taking dip in the atlantic, with fabulous scenery, lavly weather, WICKED COMPANY!!!, accompanied by the funky sound of bob marley, IT DOESNT GET MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!!!!

(*_*)PEACE OUT(*_*)
JOEY JOE JOE.*.*.*.*.*.*. And Rach....x

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